About us

The leading publication and specialist
website on transformers

We combine our expertise in marketing, design, copywriting, publication and technology to serve your needs on the global and the transforming market. The challenges posed by the changing circumstances and continual movement on the market, driven by development of new technologies, increasing environmental awareness and a constant strive for enhanced quality and experience, ask for many adjustments, which sometimes need to be quicker than what you can achieve.

We have decided to join and integrate our expertise, gathering around the same idea of helping you to up your game and respond to the challenges raised by the ever-faster pace of the changing market requirements.

Our particular strength is the position on the global transformers market. Running the leading publication  and specialist website on power transformers – Transformers Magazine, we have a wide reach to the targeted global audience in nearly 190 countries. We serve a whole spectrum of companies, from small to the leading market players, who benefit from our technical expertise in this niche market. Operating several media platforms, we can help our clients in what is today still a conservative, yet dynamic transformers industry market to create effective messages using modern means of communication, and launch them through the advanced media channels in order to get the attention of their global and targeted audience.